Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thought for Food?

Well so far so good in my skinny girl movement but it is a struggle changing these habits. This week I haven't done the 3 day diet, this week I've been trying to watch my intake and try to not go over 500 calories on every meal. That's sometimes is hard because my mother's cooking is not calorie measured so I eat a REALLY small portion or when we go to a restaurant egh the will power! but I'm trying.

As far as how I'm feeling, I'm feeling much better... I have a lot more energy, I feel more in control of myself. I don't really see results physically yet but it's okay.
Sometimes I do feel like oh my god I just want to pig out and have something GOOD! But I have to stop myself and shake it off. And just say no!

Our obsession with food is just crazy. I say us because I know I'm not the only one. Why is eating healthy so dam hard?? I mean come on! When did we become this fat?!! This society has become a fast food craving, barely exercising and morbidly obese one. In NY they "cleaned" the streets up and closed many strip clubs. There can't be a strip club by a school or a church and there can't be strip clubs close to each other. OK that helped, I guess but when are they going to do that with fast food places? Why in a 5 block radius I have a Burger King, 2 McDonald's, White Castle, Wendy's, Papa Johns, 2 Dunkin Donuts, 2 Baskin Robbins and about 6 pizza shops, 4 Mexican places, 2 Spanish restaurants, 4 Diners, 8 Chinese takeout and not to mention Pizza hut, Domino's deliver here but only 1 health food store. Whats that about?

Is there a possibility "they" are making us fat?The more fat we get, the more unhealthy we are so the more doctors we need, more operations, more weight loss programs, need more money therefore waste more money. It's all like a cycle! Why can't they regulate fast food restaurants or at least the food that they serve. The city made a big deal strippers influencing our kids but what about this "fat" problem not only affecting but sometimes even killing our kids?
Just food for thought...

Well its getting late.. Have a great night! BTW this posting time is pacific time, so here it's 12:15 AM..

Always Smiling,

Simply Denisi <3

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