Friday, May 15, 2009

Bathroom Remodeling NIGHTMARE

OK well I'm going through IT!! I've been almost in tears for ALMOST 2 weeks. My bathroom was basically molding into pieces so my landlord (thank God) decided to do my entire bathroom over. The contractor came over Monday (5/4) and said he was going to start working on it the next day. I was happy to get it over with and indeed Tuesday they came demoed the everything so I was unable to use my bathtub but luckily my parents live a few blacks away so I can take a shower there.

Wednesday rolls around and just my luck the contractor has an emergency job and wasn't able to return until the following TUEDAY!!! yup that's 5/12!!!! So that's one week without a bathroom, just a room with no door and a tiolet (thank God for at least that). So Tuesday he discovered more mold then the pic above so he bascally took down ALL the walls. I dont have pictures of that because my camera has no battery (nice!).

Now we are here on friday (5/15) sheet rock is on wall, no tile, no plaster, not able to shower in my apartment! WTF thats almost 2 weeks with no bathroom!! I so hope this is worth it.. I want the ability to shower in my own house and just come home from work and chill.. Jeez..

Just venting!!

Is it the contractor's fault? I don't know because he couldnt prevent emergencies or the crap that was going in my bathroom BUT I feel that he could be working a little bit faster instead of 3 to 4 hours a day. I feel I can't call the landlord to complain because the contractor is like family lol.. SOO I'm caught UP! I dont know what to DO! I need Jesus lol... Im hoping he will work this weekend and be done at least WEDNESDAY!

God I feel like crying, I just want it to be over!

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