Monday, May 18, 2009

How old is too old to have a baby?

I read a blog that sparked my interest. One of my favorite bloggers posted a blog about a woman having a child at 66. I looked into it and I also found story at

Adriana Iliescu, the 66-year-old Romanian who gave birth to baby girl on Jan. 17, 2005. She delivered at the Giulesti Maternity Hospital in Bucharest, Romania. So far she is the oldest to have a baby. The 66-year-old unmarried professor and writer had a emergency C-section. Her doctor, when asked why he would use reproductive technology to permit a 66-year-old woman to become pregnant, said he helped her because that is what she wanted to do, and because he was impressed with her faith in God and with her “determination."

As I reply to the blog I was struggling to make a decision weather I think she should have been allowed to do this. When you first hear about the story you think, no she is definitely to old !!! What is she doing?? But when you take a moment and think. If she wanted to become a mother and experience this, she does have the right. Every woman has the right to experience this wonderful ability. We are biologically here for purpose, we are to bear children. If not men would also have the ability to deliver a child. Who is to say when she should have stopped trying. She kept the hope alive. We never know what she was thinking or feeling. Was there a reason she didn't adopt earlier in life?.. If there was a little slim chance for her to get pregnant not matter what age she was, she would've taken it because that's what she wanted, that was her choice as a woman. Maybe she was thinking better late than never...

Now I was interested in this story because it hit home sort of. My mother was 38-39 when she had me. She too was worried about having a baby at that age but she was remarried and my father was 28 (yes my mother "the cougar" they call her) so he wanted to have a baby. My sister was 20 and my brother was 18 years old so for my mother it not only was taking risks health wise but mentally for her to start over with diapers, crying etc. I'm glad she decided to have me because obviously I'm wonderful (lol kidding), but she always said that when I was born I rejuvenated her. She felt alive again and even though the age was an issue, she doesn't regret it, one because of my father and two because of the overall blessing and joy a woman experiences when she has a baby.

But now this baby has grown up and my mother has gotten older. This whole process was great for my mother and I imagine also for the new 66 year old mother. But when you think about the child, it's not fair. The older mother is probably not going to live a long time, I mean I'm not God but she isn't going to be able to run and actively take care of the baby. Then soon it's going to be the baby taking care of her and that's prob going to start sooner than usual.

My mother couldn't be as active for games and things, I had to rely on my much older brother and sisters. Another thing is that our thoughts are so different because of the gap and don't get me wrong my mother and I have the a great relationship but I do wish my mother was younger. The most worrisome thing I deal with is, losing her. I'm so afraid of her leaving me, I can't imagine it but it's reality. I'm 24 and she 63, I want her to see my kids and just grow old with me. I want my children to experience her.. She isn't sick or anything but my niece is 21 and the others are 14-19 so they got to grow up with a grandmother and remember everything about her. I don't want to rush and have children but of it but it's something I do think about and struggle with. This is my case imagine the child of this woman, you have to worry if anything happens to her, who is going to care for the infant?

I don't want to say that I'm against this and mad about it because it's her choice. But I don't agree with it, it comes off some what selfish.

Interesting topic.


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