Thursday, April 30, 2009

Obessed - The Movie Review

So let's turn into a movie critic for a lil minute but I dont know how this movie did in the rest of the United States but in New York the lines were cutting corners..

Ok so Beyonce. I just have to saw I love her, her music, attitude, her deminor.. Yea I'm a fan. But do I love her as a actress? Um I don't know, I dont want to say she is a bad actress. It's maybe because we are so used to seeing her as a singer and performer that it's hard to make that switch but overall I wasn't impressed.

The movie had it's intense moments in the middle but you still knew what was going to happen and the "fighting" scenes very fugazzi and boring..

Out of 5 Denisi Dz.. I give the movie 2 (D D D D D) . lol . Its a movie that you can wait on DVD or just bootleg it..

Just my thoughts.. I know the movie came out almost a month ago and I went to go see it the first day but I just got around to his lil review..

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