Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Welcome to Simply Denisi

I would like to officially welcome you to my blog.

Well I finally have my domain worked out ( and now I'm just reading about how to make my blog hot fire so I can update this hopefully daily and wow you with my life or not.

I feel like this new person is sort of emerging. Since me wedding I've decided to live free and really become who ever I want to be (with my husband of course). I'm working on becoming more in touch with me and no matter what anyone says or no matter what anyone thinks do what I feel. I don't want to be afraid of taking risks or scared to put myself out there. When I walk into a room I don't want to impress anyone or look for any one's approval. I want to walk in to a room and feel confident in myself. You see I sometimes felt alone even though I had people around me like my family and my small circle of friends. I felt I was weird, an outcast and no one cared about me or what I had to say.

I'm tired of feeling that way because who cares. Why am I feeling alone when I have myself the only person who is supposed to care. I have to like me, I have to feel comfortable with myself. Who cares if no one is preying attention as long as I'm doing what feels good to me and making myself feel good. No one is watching me, I've grown up my mother is not responsible for me anymore, I'm responsible for me. I now have the same circle of people around me but I don't feel lonely anymore. I'm working on developing myself, mentally and physically.

Since I was 12 years old I've had long curly blonde or close to blonde. I've thought about cutting my hair but what will people think, what if I don't look right, they'll make fun of me. Fat girls don't look right with short hair, my husband loves long hair, he's not going to love me. But you know what why not. IIII wanted a change, I went to the salon and cut it off. I was like I don't care. If I don't feel comfortable with the shortness I'll work with it until it grows back. Now I love my hair, I've cut it until my chin and dyed it dark brown and I love it. I've never loved my hair this much. I don't care what people think because I feel good about it. When I came around with my new hair color they weren't too crazy about it. I kept it blonde before because the first time I dyed it people complimented me so much. I felt like I had to keep it up even though it was a hassle but it complimented my eyes and people felt it enhanced my beauty. But what about what I had to go through when my black roots would start growing in? What about how damaged my hair was because of all the chemicals? No one cares or minds those things because they are not me. I'm not a celebrity, I'm not here for the people. No more... So I did what I wanted, felt like doing and I couldn't be happier.

It's me.

Well it's been lovely.

Until next time.

Simply Denisi.


  1. Hi there, thanks for following my blog. It sounds like you need a dose of self confidence young lady and if you keep on blogging, you're sure to find it in blogland. There are some wonderful people out there, very nice people. Good luck.

  2. Hey babes,

    We all have our insecurities, mostly, heightened by society's expectations of us. We are influenced by how we are told we should look, how we are told we should carry ourselves, our status in our careers and education, and the list goes on and go. What's ironic is the person that usually looks the most put together on the outside, is often the one who is internally suffering and truly unhappy. So embrace yourself and all your flaws, work on improving those things in your life that you feel needs improvement, continue to make others smile like you do, and be the best person you are most natural being...that is, Simply Denisi!
    Your blog site is coming along quite well, good job. :-)


  3. To my last comments, I couldn't agree more. This blog is just my expressions and thoughts. It's like a self help idea but I think others can get help from as well. Thank You for these comments. I appreciate you guys taking the time out and reading my blog.

    Kisses, Simply Denisi!