Thursday, April 30, 2009

Skinny Girl Mentality

Four weeks ago I decided I wanted to develop I healthier Denisi and so embarked in my skinny girl mission. What do I mean by skinny girl mission??

Well you see skinny girls like models or the ones at the gym, are always watching what they eat.. They always get the healthy things at the store and get a salad instead of a burger at restaurants. They keep up with the exercising to make sure they don't gain a pound and are always ready for their close up.. It's a healthy conscience mentality where you are conscience of what you are putting in your body and making sure your are not only looking great but also feeling great.

I named it skinny girl instead of healthy girl because bascially skinny girl sounds better. :) If I put healthy in the equation then it's going to have to be healthy woman and woman?? No I want to hold on to my youth for as long as I can and be referred to as a "girl".

So skinny girl is the mission and skinny girl I am!

I've been on my mission for 4 weeks now and it's been working out nicely even though I relapsed last week but I'm back!! I've noticed how careless I've ate all this time. Not taking into consideration what I'm putting in my body, just looking for the gratification of the good taste. I just ate when I wanted to and what I wanted to and felt I had control. (woow smh) I realized that was not having control it was actually quite the opposite. I overate everyday! Every time I felt happy, I ate, every time I felt excited, I ate, every time I felt sad, I ate. Every time anything happened I ATE! I ate and I gained weight. Don't get me wrong I like being a chub. Chub chub more to love but I don't want to be a unhealthy chub so I'm changing it up with my skinny girl mentality.

When I go to a restaurant I have to order a burger or fat filled pasta and then eat it until I can't eat anymore? But a skinny girl goes the a restaurant has the burger or the pasta but eats about half or orders a hearty salad?? Why because she cares about herself and she is not going to pack on extra calories and fat if it's unnecessary. At my job we order lunch everyday and we order BBQ ribs or steak sandwiches or Chinese food then I get home and it's more takeout. No! why?? So much money, I was making a down payment for a heart attack. I'm taking control! Eating less.. my focus is not on food. I'll have a fruit, crackers, some tuna, a salad or soup, something quick and easy just to satisfy my hunger and if I go out with friends or go to my parents house I'll have a meal but won't pile on my plate just a little of everything, like a what? Yup a skinny girl.

I'll admit it's a lot harder than it sounds. I relapse here and there but I get over it and jump back on. When I order fast food before I order, I tell myself... Order like a skinny girl... and try to get as less as possible. This is my forth week thinking like a skinny girl and I'm 22 pounds lighter. Now I don't weight myself every other day or every week because I don't want to focus on pounds, I want to focus on myself and how I feel. Hopefully this will be a long term or even a life long change. It's hard to break a good tasting bad habit so I have to constantly remind myself .. Hey skinny girl!!..

So I can get used to eating less and not focusing on food and what I'm going to eat next, I've tried the 3 day diet for the past 4 weeks. This week I've also started working out a little about 30 min of cardio at least 3 days a week so let's see how that works out..

I will keep this movement going and in one month will post a skinny girl update..

Thanx for the support,

Simply Denisi.


  1. Well, you're certainly on the right track Denise because you're focusing on the right thing; health, not pounds.

    Proud of you girl!

  2. Good luck, I too am on a skinny girl mission!

    I've tagged you!