Monday, April 20, 2009

World Premire.. First blog being Simply Denisi...

(clearing my throat) um... Is this mic on??
Wow... so here we go...
Well I feel like I have a lot to say but no way to voice it so this is a nice opportunity to just talk.. I've made my list of goals for the year and one is them was to get ready for my book and start a diary and here we go 4/20/09 the first of many. You see I'm just a regular chick that many people seem to overlook. I'm quiet and unless you know me and I get comfortable, you really wouldn't know what's on my mind. I don't really have any deep issues or am I a weirdo that doesn't have anything to do. I'm just someone with a opinion. I'm Denise, 24 a newlywed as of Nov 22, 2008. I graduated from Hunter College in 2007 with a degree in Psychology. I'm working at a utility company as a sales rep which has nothing to do with my degree or my career goals but in this economy you have to take it where ever you can get it. It's not a bad paying job but just an extremely boring job. But as soon as I get an opportunity I'M OUT!! lol
And now about my personality.. I'm a really nice person, I think before I react, I take everyone's feeling into consideration most of time.. I don't like to deal with BS, drama, negativity or fakeness. I'm 100% real and 100% honest.. If you ask me I will tell you honestly..
My issue... now you know everyone's not 100% perfect.. So what's my issue?? My weight and what gets to me is that sometimes it's a bigger issue for the people around me (except my husband) than it is for me.. You see I was born is 11 pounds so I've been over weight since day one.. So ALL ALL ALLLLLL my life I've been hearing how much I should lose weight. How much prettier I would be. How much healthier I would be (mind you there is absolutely nothing wrong with me, health wise). How much more I would enjoy life and how much more boys would like me and people would like me if I just lose weight. I've grown up with this complex that there is no way I can be happy. It would be impossible to be happy while having this extra weight.
But now look married, college grad and I'm pretty happy with mine. How?
So I want to write a book- Diaries of a phat fat girl.. One day I will finish it... But here I've started, no one might care about this and this may just be boring talk from a nobody who is rambling on about nothing.. But I don't need anyone to care because this is for me...

Well nice to meet me?

Until next time...

Simply Denisi.


  1. i love it so far the trails and tribulations of the phat fat people has gone neglected for far too long and the plight has a new ally in you. the insight from someone who had lived these sorts of things is often stereotyped and packaged to the masses as a joke like the fat kid can not be fly, can not be cool and can not be beautiful. far to often it is looked with an air of pity by those too thin to understand family and friends pressure to weigh a certain amount or you wont be beautiful which is wrong. while i am aware that this blog's purpose is not meant to describe the life of a fat girl but rather your own personal life, i am glad that you took the opportunity to address the situation with class and dignity.

  2. lol Thank you so I've met my first book buyer. I'm assuming. We are no less "flyer" just because we have a little few extra pounds.


    Simply Denisi