Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011: New Year ... New Ideas

January 2010 Lemmy was born!
Oh how I'm going to miss you. You were so good to me, my life changed so much during your year.
-was accepted to a MSW program
-started school
-had my surgery
-lost 75 pounds
-grew up a little more
-learned more about life, love
-made new friends 

March 2010 Visited Disney for the 1st time!
 I got most if not everything I wanted out of the year, I have no complaints, no regrets just two thumbs up. Now it's time for a new year, and figure out what i want out of it. I think this year is going to be my education year. I want to educate myself as much as possible. I want to read and learn more about branding and marketing, about creating my website, about making a business successful, and about taking control of my finances.

This year:
June 2010
-read more books
-save money
-get out of debt as much as possible
-lose more weight
-buy a car, or at least drive one
-travel to somewhere new
-excerise more, gym membership
-remember birthdays
-stay positive
-stay growing

July 2010 Dominican Republic

July 2010 Dominican Republic

Day 3 after surgery August 2010
September 2010 Amelie is born!

October 2010 Carol is married!

November 2010 in love with Amelie!


Christmas Eve 2010

Christmas Eve 2010
December 2010

I'm proud of who I became in 2010 and who I'm going to be for 2011. Happy New Year world! Hoping the best for everyone!

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