Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Non supportive mother

My mother comes over today because I'm sick so she brought me soup. Before she comes in I have to make sure everything is in it's place, I change clothes so i can look/feel skinny, I do everything so that maybe just maybe she can one day be somewhat, a little impressed or compliment me or my life. I don't let it absorb me but it is in the back of my head when I'm around her.

Well today she sits in my living room and

she asks me so "how much have u lost?"
Me: About 75 lbs (with a smile thinking she is going to be impressed because it's only been 4 months)
Her: you still have a lotta stomach. U have to lose weight in your stomach
Me: ok

I look away trying to fight the tears thinking here we go and why?? Why must she do that?!?! I'm mad, I'm sad but I swallow it change the conversation and move on...

Just another day in the life of the phat fat girl...

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